Guided Private Kayak Tours

Boardwalk Boat Hire offer a variety of guided tours.

1. Noosa River Mouth and Frying Pan Island Tour. 2 hrs duration. Paddle to the river mouth through Noosa Sound and then swim in the crystal clear waters off Frying Pan Island. Extensive bird life and regular crab migrations guarantee no shortage of marine or terrestrial wildlife.  $65 per person

2. Lake Weyba Tour. 4 hours duration. Take a guided tour around the canals, choose your waterfront mansions and then paddle down Weyba Creek. Cruise over the stingrays at Keyser Island and meander past wildlife habitats towards Lake Weyba.  $85 per person

3. Noosa Sound and Weyba Creek Tour. 2.5 hours duration. Take a guided tour around the canals, choose your waterfront mansion and then paddle down Weyba Creek. Cruise over the stingrays at Keyser Island and return to Noosa Heads.      $70 per person.

4. Sunset Tour. 1.5 hours duration departing at approximately 4.30pm return 6.00pm, (depending on the time of the year) Take a guided tour through Noosa Sound North passage to the Noosa River Mouth and Frying Pan Island to view the spectacular sunset up the Noosa River. Return via the Noosa Sound South passage to Boardwalk Boats. $50 per person.

Self guided tours are also available where we provide the route and a map with the relevant points of interest with wildlife identification information.

All you pay for is the kayak hire rate. The route map, buoyancy vest, and dry bag is complimentary.


Stand Up Paddle Lessons


Expert instruction available for stand up paddle board Yoga and Lessons. 

Lessons cover flat water safety skills, launching, on water recovery, rapid turns, and general performance techniques. Fitness lessons also available on request.  

$50  per person for a 90 minute lesson. Tour prices available on request.

$125 per person, one on one 90 minute private lesson.

Stand Up Paddle Yoga

SUP Yoga classes leave from Boardwalk Boats, Sofitel Jetty, Noosa Heads.

Call us to check availability and for bookings. 

0754553755 or

All Stand Up Paddle classes are conducted by qualified SUP Yoga Instructors.

The benefits of yoga are widely known and have proven to combat stress, improve physical health and chronic pain, aid concentration and improve brain activity associated with positive emotion resulting in happiness, inner peace. What better way to reap the benefits of this healthy practice than on top of one of our paddle boards surrounded by the calming waters and serenity of Noosa.

Come and paddle out with us into the Noosa River before performing some gentle yoga sequences to calm body and mind. Then allow your eyes to close, your fingers to dip into the water and be led into a blissful guided meditation surrounded by the natural beauty of the Noosa Sound. In this Stand Up Paddle Yoga class we will explore different practices for all abilities leaving you truly cleansed, rejuvenated and at peace with yourself and the world!

There is no better location to learn Stand Up Paddle Yoga than with our highly qualified and experienced  instructor Sarah-Rose Sellers and Boardwalk Boats at Noosa Heads.

All equipment is supplied, but you can bring your own SUP if you wish, and beginners very welcome. 

About Stand Up Paddling

Stand up paddle surfing (SUP), stand up paddle boarding, or in the Hawaiian language Hoe he'e nalu, is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. 

The sport is an ancient form of surfing, and has reemerged as a way for surfers to paddle longer distances.

Stand up paddling began in the 1960s when surfing instructors used the technique to position themselves to for taking photographs. More recently, professional surfers used the technique for training and has become widley popular.  Supporters cite the ease of learning as a key to its popularity, with beginners becoming comfortable in as little as an hour of training. River stand up paddle boarding is also very popular with women for the core fitness capability offered when correct technique is used.

Surfers have also converted because of the versatility of the new sport. Stand up paddle boarding offers surfers the ability to catch more waves in a set, as well as offering a better view of incoming sets.

River SUP'ing is gaining popularity in the boating community due to the skill and agility required to navigate rapids and obstacles.

Stand up paddle surfing is now the fastest growing water surf activity because it allows a wider range of athletic types to get involved and SUP surfers need not schedule around high and low tides.