Follow these instructions to connect your phone to the boat Bluetooth stereo

Using the Dial to Select Items

You can use the dial to highlight and select items on the screen.
• Turn the dial to select an item on the screen.
• Press the dial to select the highlighted option.

First ensure that the stereo is selected to boat Bluetooth.

Selecting a Source

  1. Press the select button
  2. Turn the dial to swap to Bluetooth
  3. Press on the dial to select Bluetooth
  4. Wait for the screen to display “select device”. Do not proceed to next steps if it says loading

Make the stereo discoverable

  1.  Press the menu button and Select > DISCOVERABLE to make the stereo visible to your compatible Bluetooth device.
    NOTE: The stereo is discoverable for only two minutes to prevent interruption to audio streaming over Bluetooth wireless. If more than two minutes pass before you connect a compatible device, you must repeat this step. There can be other peoples devices connected that you may need to scroll past by turning the dial.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your compatible Bluetooth device.
  3. Bring the compatible Bluetooth device within 10 m (33 ft.) of the stereo.
  4. On your compatible Bluetooth device, search for Bluetooth devices.
  5. Select the stereo from the list of detected devices.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair and connect to the discovered stereo. When pairing, your compatible Bluetooth device may ask you to confirm a code on the stereo. The stereo does not display a code, but it does connect correctly when you confirm the message on the Bluetooth device.
  7. If your compatible Bluetooth device does not immediately connect to the stereo, repeat steps 1 through 7.
    Bluetooth Range Information
    The stereo and Bluetooth wireless devices have a range of 10 m (33 ft.). For optimal performance, the Bluetooth wireless device should also have a clear line of sight to the stereo.

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