therapeutic recreation

Our therapeutic recreation sessions focus on the positive effects of low impact exercise combined with a friendly, like-minded, social environment.

These sessions aim to improve the well being of cancer survivors.

Therapeutic recreation is a process utilising activity based interventions, addressing needs of individuals with illness by giving them the option for a social paddle on a stand up paddle board or kayak.

Sessions run every Wednesday morning 7:30am (excluding school holidays and weather dependant) for approximately one hour, from Boardwalk Boats. 

This complimentary session is available to cancer survivors (post-treatment) as a local community service. Participants must have per-approval from their medical treating doctor.

Our sessions allow participants from diverse backgrounds to engage with each other or to simply paddle for recreation. For some participants, this is their first time on a stand up paddle board or kayak. If needed, basic instruction is available prior to each session. Some locals have participated for a few years now and can help newbies overcome any initial “jitters”. One of our participants will act as a guide in each session. Buoyancy vests are included, just ask.

For information or any questions about the sessions please feel free to contact us.

Call us now on (07) 5455 3755 or book online.

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