Thinking of pulling up onto a jetty? Have a read of these helpful tips first

Beaching the boat (pulling up on a sandy shore) is the simplest way to stop (swim, food) or have passengers embark/disembark. Pulling up on a jetty without any prior experience can be difficult and dangerous. You, the skipper are responsible for any damage caused to the boat, the jetty and/or any injuries sustained including personal property.

Jetty: Ensure you have permission to use any jetty BEFORE landing and/or mooring as many jetties on the Noosa River are private or have restrictions. Also ensure you can leave your boat unattended on the jetty. It is your responsibility to check prior to landing, mooring or leaving the boat.

Jetty approach: Check your elements. Tide and wind will move the boat when approaching the jetty. It is a good idea to come in against the tide and wind as this will slow your boat down making it easier to land. If you are picking up friends or family we recommend having them out on the jetty to assist with helping you land the boat (push away, grab or give verbal directions). Approach the jetty very slowly (including Boardwalk Boats) and be cautious of any underwater obstructions that may surround the jetty. You must have fenders deployed when you approach a jetty (Rocks, shallow water or even mooring lines attached to the jetty can get tangled in the propeller).

Securing the boat to the Jetty: You have several points where you can moor your boat to the jetty (metal crosses called “cleats”). Your boat should be secured by at least two points. Remember to have some “slack” in the mooring lines (especially if the jetty does not float up and down with tides). If secured too tight the boat won’t be given any freedom to move and waves from other boats or people embarking/disembarking could cause damage or injury. Always be sure that you have fenders between your boat and the jetty at all times and the boat is secured to the jetty otherwise it may drift away.

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