#1 spot on Noosa River

Noosa River mouth is a very popular area for water craft

It’s no secret from looking at the picture that the River Mouth area is popular for boat hire, kayak hire and stand up paddle hire. The crystal clear waters make it a perfect spot for a swim and the many sandbanks are popular to laze around on.

Barbeques, beach cricket and beers are certainly popular with boat hire. For kayak hire people will often take a picnic lunch and have a well earned meal on their own patch of paradise. With stand up paddle hire people can paddle through the shallows and spot marine life littered around the banks.

Just don’t forget!

For boat hire keep an eye out for those sandbanks. If you don’t pay attention you can do more pushing than driving! For kayak and stand up paddle hire we would always suggest paddling up this way in the mornings. Afternoon winds can increase the arm workout however if you are working up to a beverage later this could be a suitable option.


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