Can you have multiple people on a board?

Think of it like a push bike

It is a common questions for us to be asked when people come in with little ones for stand up paddle hire. We do have a large range of boards that can support different weight limits however take in to account extra weight means extra effort and can also impact the stability of the board.

Much like a push bike if you put more people on it the rider will have to use more leg muscles and this can also change how the bike handles.

How many people can I put on?

This really comes down to the user and how confident they are. An adult and a small child (under half a meter) shouldn’t prove too difficult. Try and out 2 full sized adults on and this could be trickier.


How can we test it out?

We have shoreline nearby so if you wanted to try it by yourself and swap from the shore and then try it tandem this can be an easier option. Alternatively if you are not sure just get extra boards.


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