Do I need a licence to hire a boat?

A frequent question you receive is “Do I need a licence to hire a boat” and putting it simply, you don’t.


Why don’t I need a boat licence?

  • Our hire boats are speed restricted to less than 10 knots
  • We provide a safety briefing prior to departure and also a map with ideas on what to do and where to go


Do I need any boating experience?

No experience is needed to hire a boat with plenty of new captains sailing away each day. Provided you abide by the instruction given by our staff it will all be smooth sailing.

Noosa River is a gorgeous system to explore with great locations for beaching and swimming, getting food or even trying your luck at fishing. Check out our “What can I do” and “Places of interest” sections for some great ideas!


What is needed to hire a boat?

We have a waiver that needs to be signed (18+) and the boats do have a security deposit of $100 or $200 depending on which boat you want to hire.


Do I need to book?

We recommend booking via our website as this will ensure we have the boat you want for the time you want. You can book via our website with live availability and instant confirmation.


Boardwalk Boats has been providing boat hire, kayak hire and stand up paddle board hire for over 30 years


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