How long should I go for?

A common questions from our customers is how long should I go for?

Many people are just discovering the Noosa River and also finding that the best way to explore it is via a boat hire, kayak hire or stand up paddle board hire. We do have a detailed “What can I do” section in our website however we will cover this briefly below.


Boat hire

Boat hire can be done on a hourly or half hourly rate (minimum 1 hour). If you are looking to just cruise Noosa River we would suggest just two hours. If you are looking at stopping for a swim (there are many sandy spots to pull up to), perhaps getting some take away food or stopping for a picnic, fishing or even just lazing about on the boat think about how long you might want to spend doing these activities.

So lets say you wanted to cruise, swim and do some fishing. Two hours to cruise, thirty minutes of swimming and one hour of fishing. So consider four hours so you have a little extra time to play with.

Kayak hire

For kayak hire this can vary a little as energy levels can play a part in duration. Remember you can always stop for a swim or just relax on the sand shores to recharge the muscles.

Most people go for around two hours and explore the Noosa Biosphere down towards Weyba Creek which is a more secluded and sheltered area of Noosa River. However we can customize routes based on duration.

Stand up paddle board hire

Much like kayak hire, stand up paddle board hire can depend on energy levels. Note that wind plays a big part in how easy or difficult paddle boarding can be due to effort required to propel yourself along the water so mornings are advisable.

For beginners 1 hour is typically enough to get a feel for being on a board. If you have done it before or feel like exploring 2 hours may be enough to give you a look around Noosa Sound and small parts of the Noosa Biosphere.

So what did you decide on?

If you would like some more information on durations check out the “What can I do” section or if you would like some information on some of the areas you can travel to check out the “Places of interest” section.

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