How much does it cost to hire a boat?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when people arrive is “How much does it cost to hire a boat”. Being a broad question it might be similar to asking “How much for a room?” at a hotel or even “How much for a pizza?” at a pizzeria. The rate for a boat hire will depend on which boat you want and how long you want to go for.


So which is the right boat for me?

Another tricky question and this will depend on how many people you have and what you plan on doing. The boats page does have a detailed description of the boats in addition to some photos that should give you a clear idea of the boat which may suit you best.

The “Sweetwater” is great for barbequing with a social atmosphere. The “Signature” is great for cruising around and has seating up the front for those wanting to catch some extra rays. Our “Warrior” boats are an economical choice for those on budget and still provide all the necessities for a lovely time on the Noosa River.


How much will the boat cost then?

Best to check out our boats section for the hourly pricing. Hopefully the above has provided some direction on the boat you would like to hire. To give some scope our entry level pricing starts at $75 for 1 hour with consecutive hours getting cheaper (3 hours @ $165).


Don’t forget to book in

Always a great idea to book your boat hire online to ensure we have the correct boat for your desired time. Our online booking system has real time availability so jump on an we will see you soon!


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