Can you hire craft for multiple days?

What are the advantages of having a hire craft for multiple days?


Multiday craft hire is a frequent question we get in the office so lets start off with some of the advantages.

  • Availability at your leisure – That’s right, use it when you what for as long as you want.
  • Extended operating time – Craft can be used anytime from sunrise up until 60 minutes prior to sunset.
  • Skip the street – Sometimes you just have those mornings where you feel like avoiding the crowds and have some “me” time.
  • Take your time – Forget about looking at the clock to see when it’s due back, you don’t need to return it for two days.



Luxury "Sweetwater" Pontoon

Boat hire


With airline restrictions on baggage having a boat on your carry on was always ambitious. Fortunately if you are staying on Noosa River (Noosa Sound) then you have a great option to keep the boat moored on Jetty and be right in the heart of Noosa.


Although the boat can’t be used at night time as noted above it still gives you around 12 hours of use. This means if you want to spend large amounts of time fishing, swimming or even just taking a casual nap on the boat you have plenty of time at your leisure.


Single Ocean Kayak

Kayak hire


Kayaks are are great way to get outdoors and if you have children keep them off the electronic devices. Noosa Sound is a short paddle (we are located next to Noosa Sound) that makes it easy to get the craft back to your accommodation.


Takes some nibbles and drinks late in the afternoon and find a sandy shore to take a picnic on. The best part is that after some paddling, it is all guilt free!


Stand Up Paddle Hire

Stand up paddle hire


SUP’s are a trending way to explore the river and also provide good core exercise. Noosa Sound is a popular choice for SUPers given its 6 knot speed limit and sheltered waters.


If you enjoy mornings try to get out close to sunrise and see how tranquil Noosa River can be. Avoid the crowds and meet fellow SUPers on the water to see why this is the preferred time for veterans of the sport.


What do I need for a multiday hire and what is provided?


We do need to get some basic details off you in addition to photo ID, credit card and a security deposit. A waiver will need to be completed prior to departure. Unfortunately we cannot hire multiday craft to people in Noosa Waters.


What we provide can vary depending on the craft however safety gear and instruction is included on all craft. Fishing gear, dry bags & maps are inclusive for particular craft. Pop us through a email and we are happy to provide you with a detailed list and a quote.

Tide times


Boardwalk Boats has been providing boat hire, kayak hire and stand up paddle board hire for over 30 years

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