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August is a super time for stand up paddle

With the temperature starting to warm up and the winds staying calm now is the perfect time to start your stand up paddle hire adventure. Paddle around the Noosa Sound amongst the bougie homes and jump in and cool off in the pristine waters.

The benefits of paddling around Noosa Sound is that most of the area is within the 6 knot speed limit and can offer extra shelter than other parts of Noosa River.


How long should a go for?

1 hour will let you explore some areas around Noosa Sound. If you feel like getting down to nature and exploring the Noosa Biosphere consider taking two hours or more which gives you added flexibility.


When is the best time to go?

Morning paddles will always be easier on the arms due to the wind typically increasing throughout the day. Many still decide to venture out in the afternoon however if you are new to stand up paddle boarding or just want to cover more with less muscle then try to be finished up by around 11am~12pm.


I don’t know how to stand up paddle

Our friendly team has been paddling the waterways for years and are happy to provide some on shore instruction for beginners prior to departure. Just make sure to ask!

The instruction takes around 5 minutes and covers stance, paddle technique, on water recovery to name a few.


Noosa Sound (canals)


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