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From ancient Egypt to Waikiki in the 1940’s stand up paddle boarding became a international craze from around the 2010’s. A excellent core workout for the body with being a low impact exercise meant it was an activity for all ages. It wasn’t long before stand up paddle hire caught on and calm locations saw waves of beginners excited to try the new sport. Relatively easy to learn and being able to enter the sport at a low price range proved to be a fabulous attraction to new comers.


Boardwalk Boat Hire offers a easy location to do your stand up paddle hire in Noosa. The enclosed river system reduces wind and also keep waves limited which is perfect for the novice wanting to try it out. Instruction can be provided in addition to ideas on where you can go and what you can do for your time. If you are feeling adventurous trek down the Noosa Biosphere. Weyba Creek and Lake Weyba for an array of flora and fauna whilst also getting a great workout.


The extensive Noosa River system provides days of exploring with options to stop for swimming and eating. Alternatively take a short trip for 1 hour and check out the mansions around Noosa Sound.

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