What boat should I hire?

Boat hire in Noosa is a favourite amongst locals and tourists but which boat should you take? At Boardwalk Boat Hire Noosa we have a range of boats to suit different group sizes, styles and budgets. Your requirements for a boat can vary as well as how you would like to travel so lets go in to detail below.

Boat capacity

At Boardwalk Boat Hire we have 8 seater and 11 seater boats. Whether it be a car, plane or tent if you fill to capacity things tend to get a little cosier. If you have children they tend not to take up as much room. As an example if you were taking a 8 seater boat and had 2 adults and 6 children you would still have some room to move around. With 8 adults then you may find you want to go to something like a 11 seater, so you have some more space to relax.


Styles of boats

Much like a hotel room boats can come in different styles to suit different needs. Our Bowriders are ideal for cruising and sightseeing. These boats have an open front which give fantastic frontal views. With an open bow (front) and a stern (rear) with duckboards they can also be practical for fishing. Our pontoon boat is fabulous for groups with people wanting a more social experience whilst out. Pontoon boats have a platform with inward lounge style seating which is great for chatting with other shipmates. They also come with a BBQ, sink with running water and many other features for a beautiful say on the water!


Price points for boats

The “Warrior” is our entry level boat which provides capacity for 8. It also has a canopy, stereo and padded seating and a access ladder if you jump off for a swim. If you move up to our next boat, the “Signature” you will have a larger canopy, better sound quality from the stereo and even more comfortable seating. It also has a larger motor which still does the same speed as the “Warrior” but it does reduce engine noise. Our “Sweetwater” is our largest boat. This has the largest canopy and the most comfortable seating. It can also be a suitable option for toddlers due to a railing around the outside of the boat.


Don’t forget to check out pictures of the boats as this may help you decide on the style of boat that you like.


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Tide times


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